Camp Wild

An Awesome Adventure! 

Camp Wild is an exciting adventure where the participants will try new challenges. This activity is avalible as a daytime activity during summer, but also as a pre bookable activity for larger groups. 

Camp Wild this summer
We split into teams and perform some competitions. After the contests we go on a journey through the woods to one of the camps where we grill hot dogs, and afterwards play a bit more. The activity ends with a diplomacy. Keep in mind that the activity is outdoors so wear clothes according to current weather conditions. Camp Wild needs at least 5 participants and has a maximum capaticy of 30 participants per session. 

The activitys startpoint is located at Längdcentrum.

CampSchool and other groups

Accommodation in apartments, cottages or hostels, try out many fun activities on the competition arena with our adventure leaders.

Booked through our group- and conference booking  at +46(0)250-462 23 or +46(0)250-462 24.

Boka boende

Here is some examples on how a CampSchool schedule can be designed.