Bärra's best skiing tips!

In order for the skiing to be fun, it's important to be charged with energy, do not forget to eat a good and good breakfast. With some food in your stomach you can eat more and think faster. Remember to dress after weather, several layers are usually better than one thick. Do not forget to go to the bathroom before all the clothes are on! Having pants can feel a bit clumsy, to make it as comfortable as possible, so make sure you wear long socks and pull up the underwear so that you do not get unnecessary folds in your pants. Now that the skis are on, make sure the equipment fits in size and is properly set. Do you feel unsafe, then take advantage of the sports shop in Grönklitt. It's important that the ski runs out as they should when you fall so you do not feel bad. To become a really good skier, you must hit at least 100 times, greet Bärra! Now we are ready for a wonderful day on the hill!


Raise a lift with children

Starting a lift can be felt like a real adventure. In Grönklitt there are many different button lifts where the children can easily learn to keep the balance and feel safe. The ski school lift is the slowest ride, during the mornings it's only the ski school that is in this area but in the afternoons everyone is welcome here. At the back of the barn there are two button lifts, the closest to the seat lift, it is a little easier and the one on the right of the back goes a little faster. When starting a lift, it is easiest to hold the button, so it will be easier for you to get used to moving your feet with skis. To get as smooth as possible to climb the elevator, make sure the children's skis point straight into the direction of the lift. Let the children twist around the upper body and look at the elevator on the side of the elevator, stretch your hands toward the elevator and put the button between the legs / under the butt of the child. Do not put on the button, then the line becomes longer, but stand on the skis with weight on both feet and let the lift go along the hill. Feel free to ride with the child the first meters and make sure they have a balance. If you feel unsure then get help from our lift hosts and they'll be happy to help you. Do not worry, just jump over a button if you're not ready. If you want to go with your child you can let the child stand between your legs, then take the button and only hold your child. You can also put a ski between your children's skis to provide extra support for the child in the lift ride. Good luck and ask for help if you are unsure!