Book Ski school

Together with our skilled instructors, you can sharpen your stitch technique, improve diagonal shooting, learn to skate or get much-needed tips to improve your time in for your next race. You will, of course, learn more about this wonderful form of exercise suited for you personally. Each lesson is unique and adapted to the level and ambition of the skier. Most group lessons are made with the starting point at Längdcentrum which offers good areas and roundabout opportunities for a group.

During a private lesson, the instruction gives the skier full focus and can completely adapt the lesson to fit the skier. The skier may also have more specific aspirations about what he/she wants to improve. Often, a private lesson means more time and specific, individual, feedback.

Group Lesson

A group lesson is adapted to the entire group's ability. Both in terms of exercises and choice of places to perform the training. If there are no specific requests, the lessons usually involve both skating- and classic  techniques. If you are a beginner and want to learn how to go cross-country skiing from scratch – or if you have specific areas you want to improve – we recommend that you book a private lesson first.


Take advantage of the same technology that national teams and elite clubs use. We use an iPad and a special software to analyze your technique and give you feedback. Filming is a good educational instrument and gives the lesson an additional level. The time for the lesson will be the same as without filming. Booking of filming and payment takes place at the length center just before your lesson begins. It costs 100 SEK per person.



 Persons    1 hour    2 hours
 1  695 SEK  
 2  915 SEK
 1 830 SEK
 3  1 135 SEK
 2 270 SEK
 4  1 355 SEK
 2 710 SEK
 5  1 575 SEK
3 150 SEK
 6 1 795 SEK
3 300 SEK
 7   3 400 SEK
 8+   3 500 SEK


Cancellation can be made 3 days before the ski lessons. You may receive a refunded amount less than original price due to an administration fee of 250 SEK. If canceled less than 3 days before the ski lessons, a medical attestation is required.